Killing for Profit is a “cracking tale…meticulously researched”

In the latest installment of her Backstory series for – entitled “You go nutty sitting in a room every day with a laptop and a bored cat” – Gill Moodie talks to Julian Rademeyer about the writing of Killing for Profit.

“For my money,” she writes, “I think Julian Rademeyer’s Killing for Profit  about rhino poaching…has a good chance of reaching bestseller status. And not just because so many people find the scourge of rhino poaching so emotive – but because it is also a cracking tale.

“It is a meticulously researched book, well written and structured and goes far beyond the environmental issues. Rademeyer’s book delves into, for instance, the apartheid-era military’s involvement, the role of hunters, mercenaries and organised crime and he evens travels to Vietnam and Laos to find out what exactly is done with rhino horn at the end of the chain.”

Read her article here.

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