Review: Lifting the veil on rhino poaching’s dastardly cast

Julian Rademeyer is fresh from another wildlife sting operation in west Africa when we meet for coffee in Parkhurst, writes Yolandi Groenewald.

Since the release of his book about rhino poaching, Killing for Profit, he is now very much in the thick of exposing wildlife trafficking’s sordid underbelly.

“Joburg is pretty much the wildlife-trafficking capital of the world,” he says.

An investigative journalist of many years, Rademeyer is used to hanging out with unsavoury characters, such as the notorious Radovan Krejcir, but it was only a few years ago that he stumbled on to the lucrative wildlife-trading market.

Veteran game ranger Ian Player once wrote: “The screams of agony from rhino that have had their horns chopped off while still alive should reach into the hearts of all of us.”

Rademeyer says when he first read those words, he had no idea what Player meant.

“Months later, I heard those terrible dying cries for the first time. They have stayed with me ever since.”

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