Jacques Pauw: ‘A meticulous, devastating and courageous account’

“I have seldom read any book, fiction or non-fiction, as compelling as Killing for Profit.

Jacques Pauw“It is a meticulous, devastating and courageous account of the demise of one of  Africa’s most prized assets. It rips open one of the world’s most secretive trades; lowly poachers loitering in villages that border national parks, crooked game farmers that barter their prized trophies to horn-hungry hunters, syndicates that bribe officials and use prostitutes to get hunting permits and syndicate bosses in Vietnam and Laos skulking behind high gates from where they plot the annihilation of the world’s last remaining rhinos.

“Killing for Profit could have been fiction; it’s gripping, engaging and poignantly told. Unfortunately, it’s all too real, making it a frightening, sad and at times heart-breaking testimony.  If the rhino ultimately survives, it will be amongst others because of people like Julian who ventured into the heart of the trade and held it up for all to see.

“This is grand investigative journalism on a scale one seldom sees.”

Jacques Pauw is an award-winning investigative journalist and bestselling author of Rat Roads, Dances with Devils, Little Ice Cream Boy, Into the Heart of Darkness: Confessions of Apartheid’s Assassins and The President’s Keepers

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