Tipping Point: Organised crime and the ‘war’ on poaching

More than six thousand rhinos have fallen to poachers’ bullets in Africa over the past decade. Driven by insatiable demand in Southeast Asia and China, rhino horn has become a black market commodity rivalling gold and platinum in value. In two reports for the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime, Julian Rademeyer – author of […]

CNN – The inner workings of the illegal wildlife trade

CNNi’s Robyn Curnow talks to author Julian Rademeyer about the illegal rhino horn trade in South Africa. Tweet

CNN – Saving South Africa’s wildlife

As incidents of rhino poaching reach unprecedented levels in South Africa, CNN Marketplace Africa asks what can be done to protect the country’s embattled wildlife heritage. “If we can’t save one of the big five – Africa’s most charismatic species – what chance have we of protecting the smaller, less charismatic, more vulnerable species?” asks […]

Rhino butchers caught on film

As Xaysavang syndicate “lieutenant” Chumlong Letongthai was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment this week, disturbing footage emerged showing an apparent rhino “pseudo-hunt” involving Lemtongthai, game farmer Marnus Steyl and professional hunter Harry Claassens. (Warning: Graphic content.) Read the full story in the Mail & Guardian: “Disturbing video footage of a bloody rhino hunt on a […]

Rhino horn kingpin sentenced to 40 years in prison

A key figure in an international rhino horn trafficking syndicate, Chumlong Lemtongthai, has been sentenced to an effective 40 years imprisonment by a regional court magistrate in South Africa. Read “Killing for Profit” for the inside story on the activities of Lemtongthai, South african game farmer Marnus Steyl and the Xaysavang syndicate. Devastating video footage […]