A terrifying true story of greed, corruption, depravity and ruthless criminal enterprise.

On the black markets of Southeast Asia, rhino horn is worth more than gold, cocaine and heroin. This book is the story of a more than two-year-long investigation into a dangerous criminal underworld where merciless syndicates will stop at nothing to attain their prize. It is a tale of greed, folly and corruption, and of an increasingly desperate battle to save rhinos - which have existed for more than 50 million years.
Killing for Profit is a meticulous and devastating account of one of the world’s most secretive trades. It exposes poachers, scoundrels, gangsters, conmen, mercenaries, killers, gun-runners, diplomats, government officials and kingpins behind the slaughter. And it follows the bloody trail from the frontlines of the rhino wars to the lair of a wildlife-trafficking kingpin on the banks of the Mekong River.


Reuters: A deadly year for Africa’s rhinos

Reuters looks back at 2012, a year in which record numbers of rhinos were slaughtered for their horns. Tweet

Morning Live from Julian Rademeyer on Vimeo.

A “sophisticated…no-holds barred” read

Julian Rademeyer speaks to Samm Marshall on SABC2’s Morning Live programme about the murky world of rhino poaching and organised crime. Tweet

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Game farmer wants charges dropped

Game farmer Marnus Steyl claims that the hunt featured in this eNCA report was legal and that he had no idea that an international syndicate was using the hunts to obtain rhino horn for black market medicine. Karyn Maughan reports… Tweet