Dodgy diplomats, poachers, spies and the illicit rhino horn trade

More than six thousand rhinos have fallen to poachers’ bullets in Africa over the past decade and only about 25,000 remain – a fraction of the tens of thousands that roamed parts of the continent fifty years ago. Dozens more have been shot in so-called “pseudo-hunts”. Across Europe, castles and museums have been raided by […]

‘Musina Mafia’ arming poachers

9 July, 2010 Julian Rademeyer, Beeld Pretoria – Hunting rifles stolen in South Africa are being fitted with silencers and allegedly smuggled into Zimbabwe by a Musina hunter to be used in poaching rhino. A Beeld investigation reveals that ruthless South African hunters and safari-operators are plundering Zimbabwe’s wildlife stocks and making a killing from […]

Farm attack gun used for poaching

9 July, 2010 Julian Rademeyer, Beeld Johannesburg – A Winchester hunting rifle stolen during a violent farm attack in Limpopo has provided a vital link between the so-called “Musina mafia”, rhino poachers operating in southern Zimbabwe and criminal gangs trading in stolen weapons. The .375 rifle with the serial number G1179783 was seized by Zimbabwean […]

The “Musina Mafia”

Julian Rademeyer talks to Simon Gear of 50|50  about his investigations into a ruthless poacher, a farm attack and the cross-border smuggling of hunting rifles used to kill rhinos. Tweet